Day 3

After a day communing with nature it was time to return to our roots–shopping! We stepped out of the room, onto the elevator and who did we see but Teresa! Having learned from Pete that she had gotten laid off from Bethlehem Steel when the plant closed, we assumed she would be a bit down trodden–oh no–not our girl! She rebounded with a new job at Mac Truck!

Quick plans for lunch were made with Pete, Tre, Bob, Pumice, and myself (Maggie stayed back to sleep off her airline induced buzz). Bob and I enjoyed margaritas at Cha-Cha-Cha and Teresa ate a burritor the size of a chihuahua. After lunch we parted ways and got down to serious shopping (I’ll leave out the part where Pum got us hopelessly lost for 8 years)

Louis V; Tiffany to try on engagement rings; and a visit to Banana—a two story mecca! Stopped at Starbucks (two meccas in one day!) and picked up a Portland city mug—it will NOT be going to Pum’s office.

Back to the hotel before dinner, delicious Thai. We continued our hunt for the elusive pet shop we may or may not have seen previously on our wanderings about the city. No dice—but we found other stores…all closed! Pumice decided every day must be Sunday in Portland as all stores close at 6pm—gotta get in that last minute hike before dark!