Propellerhead Reason 6 – Pay What You Want Upgrade

For those of us who have Reason 5 + Record 1.5, we have the opportunity to upgrade to Reason 6 for any price (over $1). Some Record users feel they were used as Beta testers of the recording functionality of Reason 6, and they see this as the least Propellerhead Software could do to thank them. I don’t feel the same way.

My feelings about Record are so strong that I’m sad to see it go (Reason 6 is all of Record 1.5 + Reason 5 and then some, so Record is being discontinued). Since I started using Record, it’s been my all-in-one weapon of choice to such a degree that I can’t recall the last time I opened Reason. Which may be why I felt like I’d be missing something. Perhaps by using Reason 6—with even more features than Record had—to record the Hip-Hop Talk Show, I’ll be overburdening my computer to run all the new bells and whistles. But that’s not the case—it’s really just doing everything Record 1.5 was doing, with the additional of a few effects.

I’m ready to re-embrace Reason 6, are you?