Switching from Time Warner to Verizon FiOS

I’ve decided to switch from Time Warner to Verizon FiOS. In doing so, I’ve done what most people would consider exhaustive research, and decided I should share my findings.

Unlike many other users, I use a TiVo Series 3 HD DVR, which requires two  S-Card CableCARDs (or one multi-stream M-Card). From my chat with Verizon, by default, they’ll send one S-Card with the installer, but I can call to request one M-Card (apparently they charge the same $3.99/month for one M-Card or one S-Card).

What channels will I NOT get with Verizon FiOS?

Where I live (a suburb of Buffalo, NY), we usually get Canadian channels with our cable service. For some reason or another, Verizon FiOS doesn’t offer Canadian channels, even though I could receive them over the air with an antenna. Oh well. I won’t be missing much there.

There’s also the Time Warner exclusives—channels that they produce themselves—like “Time Warner Cable SportsNet HD” etc.

For all intents and purposes, I’ve grown to take HD for granted, and barely watch anything that isn’t HD. So, while Verizon FiOS offers BBC America, it’s not in HD. As a big fan of “Top Gear,” that’s a big deal for me, but for the amount I’ll be saving per month, I think I can wait for it to be available online or through Netflix streaming.

The following channels are available from Time Warner, but not available from Verizon’s “Extreme HD” package (there may be others, but I didn’t really check anything other than HD channels within the bundle I planned to get, compared to the Time Warner package I was cancelling):

  • 717 HLN HD
  • 732 Tennis Channel HD
  • 733 Outdoor Channel HD
  • 740 Velocity HD
  • 745 Crime & Investigation HD
  • 747 Cartoon Network HD
  • 753 MGM HD
  • 761 Encore HD
  • 762 TV One HD
  • 764 EWTN HD
  • 768 BTN HD
  • 770 YES HD
  • 787 TCM HD
  • 858 Oxygen HD
  • 860 BBC America HD
  • 861 H2 HD
  • 862 Cooking Channel HD
  • 863 DIY Channel HD
  • 864 GOL TV HD
  • 871 FEARnet HD
  • 881 GSN HD
  • 883 Bloomberg HD
  • 884 Sundance HD
  • 885 Reelz HD
  • 889 Style HD
  • 897 Hallmark Channel HD

Will I get additional channels that I didn’t have before?

Verizon’s “Extreme HD” package includes some channels that are not available, or would carry an additional fee with Time Warner:

  • Independent Film Channel 234/734HD
  • NFL Network 88/588HD
  • Smithsonian Channel HD 625
  • Wealth TV 169 / 669HD

How much does this cost? Will I actually save money?

Price-wise, my bill with Time Warner was ~$170 / month, while the bill from Verizon should be ~$110. What I had with Time Warner was their Triple-Play package of Cable TV, Digital Phone, and Internet (10 down / 5 up, I believe). With Verizon FiOS, it’ll be the same three services, with internet of 25 up / 25 down.

If you have additional information that I’ve overlooked, or have any questions, please feel free to comment below, or contact me on twitter: @PumiceT.






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